Whole Paycheck/Foods has really gone over the top. The new Whole Paycheck/Foods Market just opened today on the Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, just a few minutes North of our office off the 110 freeway. Brandon and I went today after work and this place really takes the cake. I heard someone say that it is the largest Whole Foods in the country and I’m not surprised. It’s truly a dizzying 76,770 square foot spectacle with underground parking, 2 levels of shopping and a few features I’ve never seen at any other Whole Foods including a roasted nut bar, chutney counter, wine and tapas bar with a lounge, custom flavored butter counter, croissant bar, an incredibly organized cheese section with more goat and sheep cheeses than I’ve seen at other locations, a chocolate bar, etc.
I must admit that I’m becoming less and less upset with Whole Foods. They’re really making a concerted effort to meet the demands of their consumers. There’s a lot more 100% grass-fed beef and local produce than I’ve noticed before. Although we’re still going to go to the Hollywood farmers market every week, it’s nice to have this local option within walking distance from where we live. This location is also very convenient to the Gold Line.
So for all of you patients who ask where to eat lunch in the area, where you can buy spelt bread and other specialty items that you can’t find anywhere else, here’s your answer!


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