If you’re of Asian heritage, you must have tried bitter melon. If we’ve told you that you have excessive heat in the body, you should try this. And if you have any problems with high blood sugar then you should know about this vegetable, if you don’t know already. This is one of my favorite vegetables to buy a few of when it’s in season at the farmers market. It’s definitely an acquired taste and it’s called bitter melon for a reason. My Mom likes to prepare it with black bean sauce and ground beef or pork but I have no desire to eat any MSG so I saute it with eggs.
2 bitter melons
4 free range eggs
Sesame oil
White pepper
Sea salt
Cut in half lengthwise, as the picture below shows. Not all bitter melons have this beautiful orange color in the middle. Carve out the seeds. I’m sure the seeds have some medicinal value but until I figure it out, discard them. Thinly slice. Saute on low-medium heat with the oil of your choice and a little bit of water, enough to steam the bitter melon. Add some sea salt to the melon and cover. Cook until you can easily stick a fork through it. Whisk a few eggs in a separate bowl and pour in the middle of the pan. Turn off the heat and toss the mixture around. The eggs won’t exactly look scrambled but it will look like of chunky. Add sesame oil and additional sea salt to taste.
I apologize in advance if you think this is a nasty recipe but I think it’s delicious!


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