I realize that ants serve their purpose in our ecosystem. I understand that they are incredibly evolved and smart. I know we are all sentient beings and we should live in peace. But I just don’t appreciate them crawling into my bedroom and into bed with me. I don’t like it when they attack food that I might leave out to cool for an hour. In light of our ant attack, I decided that I had to find something. 

  • Johnson’s Baby Powder? It does work but some colonies aren’t detracted by the scent. And it looks funny when you sprinkle white powder around the borders of your house. Also is there some ingredient that’s toxic to babies given that ants don’t like it?
  • Chinese ant chalk? This stuff WORKS but who knows what’s in it. Not to mention you can only buy it on the black market now and I know where to get it if anyone’s interested.
  • Raid? No thanks.
  • Pest control company? No thanks. We have had male patients in the past who work for these companies and have no sperm. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Of course there are companies out there who say they are “green” and they use peppermint and other essential oils. That may be true but I just don’t buy that there aren’t other weird ingredients in there.
  • Orange Guard? YES! This works great. But you need to spray repeatedly and the smell is pretty strongly orangey. Too much work.
    I was researching on Amazon for something that got great reviews and wasn’t so toxic and came across this stuff. It’s gotten over 270 reviews and it’s been rated at 4.5 stars. These are pre-filled ant traps with boric acid and sugary liquid so there’s no need to mess with your hands. Boric acid is relatively safe and the ants will come and devour it so initially it will seem like you have more ants (and you will) but you will have complete resolution of your ant problem within 24-48 hours. I am a very happy camper. 


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