A new study found that pomegranate has profound effects on diabetes. In particular, pomegranate (in this case an extract from the rind) was shown to not only lower blood sugar levels, but to also treat diabetic neuropathy (1).

Diabetes is a disease whereby blood sugar levels become elevated. If not controlled, this can result in the degeneration of many bodily functions. Some of the most common diabetic complications include neuropathy (pain or numbness, often in the feet in diabetics) and retinopathy (which can cause loss of vision). It can also affect the brain and many other organs.

Interestingly, blueberries were also shown to have significant preventative effects on diabetes (2) and may also prevent visual loss and other retinopathies (3).

There are many studies demonstrating significant positive effects of Chinese medicine on diabetes. For example, acupuncture has been shown to be very effective at reducing blood sugar levels (4) and together with herbal medicine, they are powerful tools in the management and sometimes reversal of diabetes. (5)

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