While modern society considers wireless devices like smart phones, smart watches, laptops and tablets as essential as air and water, these technological devices can also present health hazards. (1)

One of our practitioners received a new Fitbit Charge HR as a gift and decided to test it for radio frequency exposure. The fitbit is a device worn on your wrist with the idea that it can help you improve your health by assessing your activity level and how well you are sleeping. This model keeps track of your heart-rate as well. You are supposed to wear this device 24/7 and what we found was that it continuously emits radio frequencies. This raises safety concerns. (2)

The author Josh Harkinson of motherjones.com writes:

“In a 2009 review for the Journal of Clinical Oncology, he [Moskowitz] parsed cellphone studies based on the funding source and quality of the science. He found that low-quality and industry-funded studies tended not to associate cellphone use with a heightened risk of tumors, while high-quality and foundation or public-funded studies usually found the opposite result. ‘This is very much like studying tobacco back in the 1950s,’ he says. ‘The industry has co-opted many researchers.'”(3)

Children absorb more radiation from these devices than adults, making them more susceptible to the harmful effects of these devices. (4)

It is for this very reason that we continue to recommend our patients minimize the use of wearable devices that emit radio frequencies and keep cell phones away from your body where possible. Since these devices are more dangerous to children than adults, it would be prudent to keep them away from children or at least on “airplane mode” when children are using them.


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