While recent reports of psychotic episodes [1] in kids following Tamiflu use are concerning, studies have found even more serious complications. Researchers analyzing possible correlations between Tamiflu use and sudden death found that:

“These data suggest Tamiflu use could induce sudden deterioration leading to death especially within 12 hours of prescription. These findings are consistent with sudden deaths observed in a series of animal toxicity studies, several reported case series and the results of prospective cohort studies. From ‘the precautionary principle’ the potential harm of Tamiflu should be taken into account and further detailed studies should be conducted.
“ [2]

If you want strong antiviral medication that has a very long safety and efficacy record, Chinese medicine has been treating influenza for thousands of years. Many Chinese herbs are strongly antiviral and have been shown in studies to have equivalent or greater antiviral action to Tamiflu and other pharmaceutical antivirals [3][4].

The Lotus Center has both adult and pediatric divisions (see littlelotus.com for our pediatric division) and a lot of experience treating influenza and other infectious diseases. If you are interested in natural methods for treating colds and flu’s consider contacting us.


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